Monday, June 24, 2013

A Dream Come True

                                                            Written June 4th
I don't even know where to begin. Last Sunday will be remembered as one of my favorite days, a dream come true. I finally met  blogger friends who I've known for 4 and a half years. When I was younger I always wanted to find a blog written by someone my age.  My mom read a few blogs and came across a girls blog who had a link for a website called American Girl Fan. Little did I know this blog could open up so many doors to wonderful friendships.

 In January, 2009 I started to leave comments on Liz's blog and we then became pen pals. I later started writing her sister Hope. We have written letters back and forth and exchanged gifts at birthdays and Christmas so I feel I really know them. I was so nervous not knowing if it would be the same in person. From the minute they walked through the door, Liz and Hope felt like dear friends I'd known all my life. True kindred spirits.

My family had a great day with their family. They came over for lunch and spent the afternoon with us talking, playing volleyball and bean bag toss, and enjoying the beautiful day God provided. After a great day at home, they joined me at Vera Bradley for my birthday celebration.

Last summer when my Vera Bradley Store was having an event I put my name in a drawing and won the grand prize of the night. I couldn't believe it! I won a party for 10 which came with $100 gift card for me, and $20 gift card for each guest as well as awesome gift bags for everyone and wonderful food provided. The night was wonderful and I'm so thankful to have spent it with such dear people.