Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just Because

Today when I got the mail there was a surprise waiting for me. Little did I know my mom and dad bought me a wonderful gift.

When I opened up the wrapping I found a lovely journal. I noticed this journal in an etsy shop and thought it was so cute. We previously have bought from the seller and have loved her work. I showed it to my mom but didn't know that she bought it.

This is what it looks like inside. :)

Here is the back.

Here are the goodies she included in the package. She is so sweet.

I love this journal. Especially because of all of the European things. I have always
wanted to visit England and Paris.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my new found treasure. :)

Do you keep a journal ?



  1. Yes I keep a journal! I even name them. Right now, my current Diary is named Elsie.

    What shop was it bought from?

    The Journal is VERY pretty! I ♥ the Eiffel tower on the back!

  2. Hi Ashley,
    That is so neat that you name your journals. I never thought of that.
    The journal came from a etsy shop called susiea . We have gotten several from her the past few years.

    Have a good week . Happy journaling!

  3. Yes I do have a journal and I love it!:)