Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blog Changes

Hi ,
In case you are wondering I am in the process of finding a new blog design that I like.

I haven't been feeling well the past couple days. But I will write soon. :)

Thanks to those of you who commented on my blogger issue.



  1. Do you ever look at or That is where I get all my designs from.

    Oh, did you have a Leelou blog design earlier? If you did, how in all this sweet world did you take that it off?!?! I can't get mine off my book review blog!

  2. you should visit my blog.
    also, go to design and then template and you can customize

  3. Ashley,
    I have looked at "The Cutest Blog On The Block" and "Shabby Blogs". They have really nice blog designs . I actually just ordered one from :

    I did have a LeeLou blog design. It is very easy to remove. All I do is go to Design, then click on edit html, I scroll down to where it says "Select Layout Template" and then choose a template.
    I hope this helps. Sorry it took so long to let you know.