Friday, August 9, 2013

Life Lately

  • painting 
  • working
  • letter sending and receiving
  • family get togethers~ 
  • bridal shower planning and celebrating
  • boating, 
  • tubing,
  • walking by the dock
  • and relaxing on a sunday afternoon last weekend. 

it's hard to believe summer is nearly over, and the weather is turning to chilly nights and soft breezes. i'm looking forward to riding my bike along ~ side the pond and taking long walks again. i'm looking forward to the fall days ahead, and partly getting a routine started again. though i am dearly sad to see summer ending so abruptly. before i know it, classes will resume and free time won't be so free. i am determined to enjoy this final month of summer and try to be somewhat lazy ;) june and july were filled with much and i'm hoping august will slow down, i don't have many plans at the moment so hopefully, these days can be spent swimming, relaxing, and reading a few books before school begins once again. 


  1. ergh, I feel ya bought those classes; but hey, one more year before college, yes?

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  3. I've been catching up on your posts, and enjoying myself while I'm at it! :) I absolutely love the quote! :D
    Today we had some fall weather and it was SO nice, but it made me sad to think summer is just about over. :(
    I'll just do my best to enjoy every minute of what's left of it. :)