Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas with my dad's family

Today my family and I went to celebrate Christmas on my dad's side. It took longer to get there than usual because where I live it snowed 9 inches and a lot of roads hadn't been plowed. We all had a great time. There were 10 of us kids/teens there. I like getting together with my cousins. My older brother and cousin always joke about which is better Michigan or Michigan State. My brother likes Michigan, my dad went there. My cousin goes to State and his mom went there.

We draw names for gifts. My cousin Ariana gave me a jewelry making kit with beautiful beads and the tools to make them. My grandparents were very generous and gave my brothers and I money to help save for college.

Oh, I almost forgot, I got my ears pierced. I had them done when I was younger but they hurt when I took out the earrings so I let them close up. I am so excited to have them pierced again. They don't hurt at all. It will be fun to make some earrings with my new kit.

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  1. Hannah,
    sounds like you had one cool christmas! we draw names in our family too.