Saturday, July 11, 2009

Art in the Park

Today my mom and I went to Art in the Park. It is a tradition. Every year we go and there are artists that bring all their work. We enjoy walking around and looking at all of the different things. I always look forward to the doll clothing made for American Girl dolls. It is a lot cheaper than the AG store. Their clothes can be found at
I bought 3 outfits and 3 pairs of shoes. The crocs for the dolls are so cute. Here are a few pictures:

Unfortunately, my camera battery ran out so I couldn't get anymore pictures. There was a painted wall hanging that I saw that I would like to make for my room. They were very expensive but I think I can make it for much less. I am going to give it a try. I will post a picture when It's done.

Many years we go with friends and family to the art show. That is always fun but I really look forward to spending some time with just my mom and I. We always enjoy going back to are favorite artists to see their craft and what new ideas they've come up with. My mom likes pottery so we always see our favorites. I enjoy looking at the jewlery, art work for my room, handmade purses, we always have to get the freshly roasted cinnamon almonds . It is tradition . The photography, music, and homemade soaps are also fun. This year Kashi had stations set up where we had free cereal, bars, and snacks to try as well as cooking demonstrations and yoga . We got free Kashi bags and treats to take home. It is very tasty,organic, and good for you. I did get a snow cone that was so HUGE it was overflowing, messy, but oh so nice on a hot day.

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  1. Hannah,
    That sounds so fun! We have a craft fair every year that we sometimes go to. I love the outfits you got! Doll crocs!? How cool! I have never seen those before!

    The almonds sound so yummy!

    Your Friend,