Friday, July 17, 2009

Fun at the waterpark

Today I went to a water park . It was a lot of fun. From left: me, grandma, Aunt Shelley with Emma, Aunt Stacy with Saige, with Luke and Levi in the front.My cousin Landon isn't in the picture and my mom was there too but she took the picture.

Me going down the waterslide.

My cousin Levi and I going on another slide.

We had a good day. The weather wasn't that warm but it was still fun. Tomorrow we may have a record for the lowest temperature . I think it's only supposed to be 63 degrees I think. Today was mid 70's how crazy is this? But I am thankful it's not super hot.


  1. Hannah,
    That looks like so much fun! Weather in the 60s!? Want to trade for some HOT weather? LOL

    Your Friend,

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