Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sewing 101

Yesterday I took a sewing 101 class at Joann Fabrics with friends from church. We made a pillowcase. They all turned out nice. It was so easy to make. I was happy with the way mine came out. I am going to make another one so I can have a set for my room. I have decided to make bedding for my american girl doll trundle bed. It will be so fun to match with the pillows in my room. I will post the pictures when I make it. Hopefully I can make it next week. I have a quilting class tomorrow to finish a tote bag we are sewing. I am really enjoying sewing. I even repaired a couple pairs of shorts for my brother today on the machine.


  1. Hannah,
    That looks so cool! I love your pillow case! We have a joann fabrics pretty close to where we live. I have never been though. Do you own your own sewing machine?

    Your Friend,

  2. Melissa,
    Thanks so much. My grandma bought me a small one a few years ago. My mom got one for her birthday this past November. I use hers.

    Your Friend,